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Curry Puff

Would you love the juicy curry potatoes in the curry puffs of the 60s and 70s ? Well I do … Would you love the chunky curry chicken pieces in the curry puffs of the 60s and 70s ? Well I sure do too … The easy way to have good curry puffs, ONLY if you reside in Singapore, call my friend Mr Ting at 91470462 . . . → Read More: Curry Puff

Mount Everest

The view was magnificient & breathtaking, however nothing else matters more than the lesson we learn and how do we use the information from the lesson to formulate the knowledge we need to feed our lives with.

Do you know what I am refering to?

Everest is just a mountain, Yes an 8848m high . . . → Read More: Mount Everest

Riding out the Recession

These are my personal candid notes and immediate thoughts as I listen to the presentations. So don’t pick my bones. This a a grassroot leaders briefing conducted at the National Community Leadership Institute. The topic headline was 7th Leadership Dialogue on “Riding Out the Recession”. . . . → Read More: Riding out the Recession

Theme: Unknown 2.0

Do you agree ? Perfection does not exist, so here I am trying to talk myself out of wanting to tweak here and ot tweak there, in the end, the more important parts get neglected. . . . → Read More: Theme: Unknown 2.0

2009 Happy New Year

Ok, now I’ve got my own website at I’ve also dabbled with the setup of Wordpress, Joomla, PHPwiki & Forums. I think I’ll stick with Wordpress for the moment. My Wordpress blog is ready at check it out and leave me a word on what you think of it. . . . → Read More: 2009 Happy New Year

Using the NVU Editor

“Using the NVU Editor”

I’m now at the MPS Masterclass by Jo Han.  Vincent is helping everyone with simple web page editing using NVU editor.  It looks simple enough for everyone to use.  Try it if you want, just google for NVU.

Class with JoHan Mok

“Class with JoHan Mok”

Ok, I’m all ready for the MPS Masterclass tomorrow at Kaplan Financial. I’ve actually had my PayPal account for a few years, I remembered the first blog I set up was for my hobby club; the Marine Parade Radio Control Modelers Club.

The club is a sub activity group with . . . → Read More: Class with JoHan Mok

Setting up my blog

“Setting up my blog”

Thanks to Andrew Boey‘s guidance and prompting, I’ve now got my GoDaddy domain setup done, got my HostGator account working. In preparing for Jo Han’s class this weekend; I’ve managed to re-confirmed my account details in Paypal & ClickBank. And completed my registration at PayDotCom – the site kept upselling . . . → Read More: Setting up my blog

Hosting my blog

“Hosting my blog”

Alright, got my HostGator done.  But I’m too tired today to do anything further, so I simply copied my page at and pasted it into the root directory of my hostgator account as index.html.  And Viola!, page is up.  Okay now I need to sleep, still got a job to . . . → Read More: Hosting my blog

Meeting of minds

It was great to meet up with like minded partners at Funan MacDonalds yesterday morning. Andrew Boey help us set up a plan and gave us some starting tips on what to do first. We registered as a member to his website. . . . → Read More: Meeting of minds