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Class with JoHan Mok

“Class with JoHan Mok”

Ok, I’m all ready for the MPS Masterclass tomorrow at Kaplan Financial. I’ve actually had my PayPal account for a few years, I remembered the first blog I set up was for my hobby club; the Marine Parade Radio Control Modelers Club.

The club is a sub activity group with the Marine Parade Community Club, under the purview of the People’s Association (PA). The reason for the blog was because in those days, PA had a 10 page guideline for all websites. I took one look at it and pass it on back to the office and decided not to built a web site. So the blog, as it states at the top is the UNOFFICIAL web site of the club. My first blog post was in 2006 August 10, Wow! never really bother to check, now that I see it, it was indeed quite a while ago. Thereafter, being the Chairman of the club and the only one who would bother, I simply write what I want. I also recorded the various overseas events for which I was invited as the event Referee. The first was to the Asian Championship in Malang Indonesia. Subsequently, in a similar capacity, I attended events at Jakarta, Taichung, Pattaya, Ichirino & most recently Kuala Lumpur. The highest traffic was recorded when I reported on the iFMAR World Championship in Ancol Jakarta. I used various Web 2.0 photo sharing sites to host the photographs I took on my trips and videos were uploaded onto Youtube. I manage to get viewers embeded into the blog for Flickr and Webshots. Youtube is a breeze, they gave the embed codes, I simply modify the sizes to suit my blog template. On hindsight, one thing I would have done, if I were to do the site again, I would first set up a membership list. I would have easily amassed thousands of members by now for this blog on my hobby.

Ok, that would be enough of history. Since January 2008, I’ve retired from my Chairman post from the club. I decided that it is time to get serious with what I know on the internet and stop monkeying around.

Tomorrow this monkey is going to put everything I know into some real use. I trust that the MPS Masterclass is going to blow me away. ha ha ha … Ahem … ok ok, my jokes doesn’t get any better, so I’ll stop here tonight.

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