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Fabian Lim’s 5 step Internet Marketing Success Model

“Fabian Lim’s 5 step Internet Marketing Success Model”

By now the 5 steps is no longer considered a secret, if you are a member of Fabian Lim’s membership list, he would have already offered it to you for free. So I am not blogging the 5 steps, just some thoughts as I start to internalise what I have learned at the 2008 Asia Internet Congress, starting off with some personal thoughts on the above.

The direct URL to Google’s Adwords Keyword tool is fantastic, so even if I am not at my own computer, I don’t have to do a search. This direct URL is also very easy to remember..

The live example provided with the keywords ‘left handed electric guitars’ was very helpful. We can read as much as we want, but a visionary demonstration that we could see right before our eyes is surely worth more than a thousand written words.

Blue Ocean Strategry; this was well said and presented, most times a lot of us, muah included, just follow the crowd and we wonder why are ended up with mediocrity. We don’t have to be very big in order to be a big fish in a small pond, but surely we have to be as large as a humpback if we want to be a big fish in the ocean. That’s negating the fact that the humpback is a mamal, not a fish.

T. Harv Eker’s teaching of TFAR is so very relevant. Our Thoughts leads our Feelings which leads to our Actions which generates the Results. A lot of times I do a lot of thinking (Thoughts) and inevidently without my knowledge it lead to a lot of emotions (Feelings). This is the point where my Mindfrick kicks in at overdrive. And many times I never take the required Actions. Sitting down again and again, wondering why I don’t see any Results. Well, ACTIONS speaks louder than words. I am a Warrior, I am willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES ! AHO! AHO! AHO!

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