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Setting up my blog

“Setting up my blog”

Thanks to Andrew Boey‘s guidance and prompting, I’ve now got my GoDaddy domain setup done, got my HostGator account working. In preparing for Jo Han’s class this weekend; I’ve managed to re-confirmed my account details in Paypal & ClickBank. And completed my registration at PayDotCom – the site kept upselling . . . → Read More: Setting up my blog

Hosting my blog

“Hosting my blog”

Alright, got my HostGator done.  But I’m too tired today to do anything further, so I simply copied my page at and pasted it into the root directory of my hostgator account as index.html.  And Viola!, page is up.  Okay now I need to sleep, still got a job to . . . → Read More: Hosting my blog